Update on WIP

Happy Monday to all. Here is an update on my Tunisian Entralac.. I used Mandala in Unicorn.


WIP Tuesday…

WIP & new yarn project…

I went to my local WalMart store and ran upon a clearanced yarn…
Mandala from Lion Brand in Unicorn…so I decided to do another Entralac Tunisian blanket…I will keep you posted on the progress.

Question on supplies

I have seen a lot of very interesting supplies that you all have. I would love to get a hold of one of those very cute yarn bowls…now where can I get one??


Entralac Tunisian Afagan..

Here is my new WIP…


New Tunisian Project

I was looking thru Pinterest today and saw an interesting stitched  pattern. I watched the videos and have decided to try it…it is called Entralac Tunisian.

Have you tried this stitch and how did you do?