New to our family…

Miss Gracie has 2 new friends! (ferral babies) she finally found out what was rumbling under the house all those winter months… Two new babies emerge to sun bathe.. One is black/white on neck and the other is a tiurtishell with a bob cute is that??

Of course she’s an indoor only so can only visit from the other side of the screens…sad face..

New visitors

As long as I’ve lived I’ve never seen a Robin in person. Just this past week we’ve been blessed with a several Robin. 

I was sitting outside and noticed these very pretty birds on the lawn. They would stretch upward showing off their red breast when I would look in their direction..

I didn’t know what kind of birds they were so I asked the fianceĀ“ and he told me..those were Robin birds.

We have several type of birds visiting us like..finch, bluejay, mockingbird, cardinal, kildee, and dove. I am happy to know we are blessed to have so many different types that feel they need to visit me and Miss Gracie loves to watch and talk to them.