Can you relate? I have millions of ideas but afraid to start..

Balls of yarn..check, new needles..check, ideas..check. So why can’t you start?? Fear! Fear of it not looking right. Yes..

What should you do? Dive in and just get going already..but I’m frozen.

8 thoughts on “Startingnewprojectphobia

  1. Fear takes the fun out of your hobby. Throw away the fear. The worst that can happen is that you mess it up and have to undo it and start over. Nothing wrong with that. You will learn something from that. If you mess it up and have to undo it and you dread starting over, work on something else for a while and return to it. I’ve done this many times. In the end, you’ll complete the project successfully if you really want the end result. If you discover you don’t want it so much, no big deal, either.

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  2. I know how you feel! I think my biggest hangup is deciding on what yarn and what color I want to use. I’m glad when patterns give you that info! 😉

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