New knitter

I’m a new knitter..i mean I’m teaching myself and can say im not a good teacher.. How do you teach yourself the stitches that are needed to make nice looking projects.

How do you K2tog, drop stitch  and increase/decrease?? I got the knit and purl stitches along with cast on and bind off down. These are a must know when making projects..and reading patterns..really?? Help me!!

6 thoughts on “New knitter

  1. I taught myself to knit from books too! If you go to YouTube or there are a lot of tutorials. My favorite is Marly Bird. Or click on the Craftsy link at my site and they have free knitting classes for beginners.

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  2. Videos on YouTube and Craftsy will help you a lot. Also, if you choose patterns from larger publishers (for example Interweave, Knitpicks, Schoolhouse Press, etc.) any technical instructions on how to do a particular thing will come included or you will see links to instructions. This is also true for knitting magazines, which always include detailed help on the techniques specified in the pattern. You are savvy enough to start a blog, so you must be savvy enough to use Google, too, which is very helpful for searching for techniques you aren’t familiar with.

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